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Disclaimer regarding internet trading


Every Internet trader or investor should be well aware of the effects of its systems downtime, the price volatility of stocks, the possible negative results, slow downloading of data and the risks associated with internet trading.


System downtime & downloading can affect anyone conducting Internet business, trades might not be executed at all / partial or trade executions could be at prices significantly different from the price quoted at the time the order was entered. The real time data/price of stocks might be different than actual showing on the screen of the terminal. There are a variety of reasons why a user could experience delays or failures in order placements, order cancellations, trade executions or trade reports. Which might not be under control of Consortium Capital Group? Among them are: system capacity; errors or defects in the software or the delay in data, Internet service providers having technical errors, communications lines problems or failures; satellite transmission problems or failures; extended power outages; and sabotage created by hackers.